Automotive dealership buildings are very complex by nature. Each manufacturer has a design theme and a “flow” plan that must be incorporated into the local dealership. Those manufacturer requirements also dictate minimum square footage, colors, and materials that must be used to maintain the local dealer’s franchise. Since 1988, WAR Construction, Inc., has completed a project with every major car brand in the United States. This experience is invaluable to our clients when they began a renovation project or construction of a new dealership.

WAR understands how to balance the needs of our clients with the demands of the manufacturers, and create a cost effective solution that works within your “rent factor”. Our experience across multiple brands and our exposure to how other dealers across the southeast address their needs in service, parts and sales departments give our clients a wealth of real life knowledge to utilize as they develop their own solutions.

Listed below is a representative portfolio of our automotive projects, click on the project to review a project information sheet about the specific project.

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