Construction Management

Since our first CM project in 1988, WAR Construction, Inc. has successfully completed 50+ construction management projects. The CM delivery method can be an asset for your project. It’s not uncommon for an owner, who lacks in-house staff, time, or expertise, to hire a construction manager to oversee their project. We collaborate with the architect and owner early in the design process, leveraging our diverse experience to bring value to your project. This approach allows us to achieve the best possible cost, schedule, and, most importantly, quality.

Below, you’ll find a representative portfolio of our CM projects. Click on a project to review an information sheet specific to that project.

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Design Build

WAR Construction, Inc. has been involved in numerous highly successful design-build projects, serving as a single point of contact for clients throughout the design and construction phases. The design-build approach offers owners an efficient way to engage with engineering, architectural, and construction team members early in the process, leading to a cost-effective and streamlined project completion.

Below, you’ll find a representative portfolio of our Design/Build projects. Click on a project to access a project information sheet specific to that project.

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